Unique Steps

The Dachstein philosophy

Dachstein stands for climbing and walking shoes from the heart of the Alps – for use in alpine conditions.

A long-standing tradition of passionate commitment, the unique history of the company, almost countless innovative developments – and not least the immense enthusiasm of the people behind Dachstein in Austria – have made this brand what it has become over the past 90 years.


Create something unique

For Dachstein mountaineering is not a sport or a competition. It’s a philosophy, a passion and a way of life

Every moment in the mountains is something special – whether strolling along a mountain path, scaling a via ferrata or on a challenging alpine tour.



Mountaineering is a philosophy

Every step is unique.

Dachstein designs and manufactures with a passion - for mountain sports enthusiasts who value a perfect fit, quality materials and craftsmanship, functionality, innovation and a fashionable look!



Shoes for mountain sports enthusiasts

The Dachstein collection

The collection is divided up into segments: Mountaineering, Hiking & Trekking, Approach, Alpine Lifestyle, Urban Outdoor, Winter Outdoor & Hunting. However, there’s no such thing as an item of Dachstein footwear that doesn’t perform a function.

Dachstein shoes perform well and look great wherever they are. Whether up in the mountains or in a downtown cafe, these shoes make a clear statement in favour of the alpine lifestyle.

Dachstein Shoes 2017