12. März 2019


With the new Pure Collection, Dachstein reinterprets Urban Outdoor and dresses outdoor shoes in a trendy Vachetta style - with the same function.

Contrasts and extremes have dominated the fashion world for years and inspired myriad new trends and styles. Dachstein’s new Pure Collection features fashionable reinterpretations of mountain classics in the new Vachetta-style colour line. 

Einzigartiger Nude-Look

The tan of the nubuck leather produces a special, natural skin tone. Dachstein has now taken five existing footwear models with all the original functionality and given them an unfussy, easy-on-the-eye lifestyle makeover. Of course, the new re-styled shoes are also ideally suited to a whole range of activities, be it high alpine tours with the Stüdlgrat GTX, hiking tours in the new Super Leggera Flow GTX, or maybe the classic Ramsau 2.0 LTH, through to trips down town with Urban Flow GTX and A(l)pline LTH. This look demonstrates that alpine footwear can even look at home on the catwalks and runways of the fashion world.