21. November 2018


For Fall/Winter 2018/19 we have developed a new multi-functional sole and fitted it to the two sporty models Iceman GTX and Maverick GTX.

The variety and raw magnificence of natural environments formed over millions of years is incredibly impressive. There are long, gentle hills, imposing and towering mountain peaks, and rugged, craggy masses of rock. No two mountains are alike. Each is unique, as is each challenge it poses. This fascination has inspired the development of Dachstein’s new Utility multifunctional sole. The tread on the underside of the sole hints at the immense diversity of maintain ranges with the typical Dachstein triangle embossing. The sophisticated studded rubber compound sole provides extremely reliable grip and secure footing on rocky terrain and slippery streets. Dachstein has fitted out two new models,Maverick GTX and Iceman GTX, with the new sole for unbeatable winter-terrain fun withtwo perfect items of all-action wintertime footwear.

The tough rebel: Maverick GTX

Understatement is also a statement! The unfussy, cool technical look is what attracts attention to Maverick GTX. The new Utility sole makes our maverick resilient to slippery roads and snowy pathways, leaving them behind in self-confident leaps and bounds. Snow and rain are no problem either, since the boot is equipped with a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane. Whether you take a trip to the market, go sledging with friends or enjoy a beer in the new pub, Maverick GTX is ‘good to go’. The shaft is made of flexible, abrasion-proof synthetic material to provide the necessary manoeuvrability. Stylish and tastefully matched TPU elements fortify the lacing section and protect the material around the sole to ensure rocks and heavy braking when sledging don’t cause any damage.

Neither ice nor snow can stop the Iceman GTX

The sure-footed Iceman GTX with its brand new Utility soles is the ideal partner in crime. The lightweight white EVA midsole absorbs impacts excellently, contrasting ideally with the far darker uppers. The shaft is clad in superior quality nubuck leather combined with a Lycra upper-end seal and material protection around the ankles. No adventure out in the snow is complete without a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane with a cosy fleece interior. Against the uncomplicated background of the rest of the boot the glaring orange laces reveal the true untamed spirit of the Iceman GTX. Iceman GTX all in black is for men who prefer no-frills straightforward design.





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