Our brand ambassadors

ANDY HOLZER - blind climber
Lienz Osttirol, Austria
Self-employed Mountain Climber, motivational speaker & lecturer, testimonial

They are considered the toughest challenge in mountaineering: The "Seven Summits" is the collective name for the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Some of them are also among the most formidable summits in the world – and hence, can only be taken on by the most experienced mountaineers on the planet. The thought of attempting to climb just one of these moutains is something most of us would consider impossible. For our brand ambassador, the blind climber Andy Holzer, the Seven Summits were always a viale propositon. Even if he didn't consciously embark on this journey initially, he has now been endeavouring to reach the ultimate goal for 12 years. The dream finally came true for Andy when he reached the peak of Mount Everst in Mai 2017. Andy became the first blind climber to have ascended to the summit of Everest via the northern route, and is the first blind European to have stood at the peak of all "Seven Summits". 

Our Dachstein friends

Felix Keitel
2nd place UCI Urban Cycling World Championships 2018